Paige Hampton Photography: Blog en-us (C) Paige Hampton Photography [email protected] (Paige Hampton Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:25:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:25:00 GMT Paige Hampton Photography: Blog 120 87 The "K" Family Meet the "K" Family! I met this family late last summer when little Helena and Emmett decided that they just couldn't wait any longer to become a part of the family, so they decided to show up a little early, 14 weeks to be exact!! Needless to say they are both little miracle babies and have come a long way from there 2 pound start!!  I got to spend the first few months of their life with them at the hospital, so it's really fun to see their little personalities evolving and changing!! Kniffins-2 Kniffins-12 Kniffins-21 Kniffins-28 Kniffins-34 Kniffins-38 Kniffins-46 Kniffins-55 Kniffins-61 Kniffins-63 Kniffins-65 - Copy Kniffins-70 Kniffins-77 Kniffins-82 Kniffins-88 Kniffins-92 Kniffins-95 Kniffins-98 Kniffins-109 Kniffins-112

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Brynleigh Shea | 6 months Miss Brynleigh is the daughter of one my best friends since kindergardgen, Tashia. This past summer I got to help bring little Brynleigh into this world - that's right! I was her mommy's labor nurse and was one of the most amazing experiences to get to help be a part of that!! A few short months later, I got to stand up as the Matron of Honor in her mommy's wedding, and in just a few days we'll be headed off to the beaches of Mexico together!! A lot of history lies between the two of us, and I can't wait to see what the future brings for all of us as well!! For now...Enjoy little Bryn, she's a keeper for sure:)Brynleigh-46 Brynleigh-38 Brynleigh-35 Brynleigh-34 Brynleigh-31 close Brynleigh-30 Brynleigh-29 Brynleigh-25 Brynleigh-23 Brynleigh-20 Brynleigh-16 Brynleigh-12 Brynleigh-3

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Stephanie | 2012 Senior Stephanie-59 Stephanie is the daughter of a former co-worker and friend of mine, and needless to say she knew how to completely rock the camera!! Much like her mother ;), this girl is not shy and made it very difficult for me to narrow down the photos and pick my favorites!!!  Steph has plans to someday become a labor nurse like her mom, good luck Steph - You'll do great!! :) Congrats on graduation! Stephanie-23 Stephanie-36 Stephanie-54


Stephanie-61 Stephanie-16 Stephanie-21 Stephanie-35 Stephanie-49

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The "Y" Family  This family is absolutely adorable, and so incredibly sweet (even little Miles, who was not one bit interested in picture day!) Little Charlie and Max would have let me take their pictures all day long....and wow, did they sure know how to rock the camera! Enjoy your pictures "Y" Family!

Yenchkos-11 Yenchkos-18 Yenchkos-21 Yenchkos-25 Yenchkos-31 Yenchkos-35 Yenchkos-39 Yenchkos-47 Yenchkos-52 Yenchkos-57 Yenchkos-58 Yenchkos-61 Yenchkos-65 Yenchkos-68 Yenchkos-67 Yenchkos-70 Yenchkos-72 Yenchkos-75 Yenchkos-80 Yenchkos-84 Yenchkos-91 Yenchkos-93

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The "W" Family How stinkin' cute is this family!??!  I met this family a few years ago when they were still just a family of two....coincidentally, in the delivery room where Evi was about to be born!! Not only did I get to photograph these cuties, but I got to help welcome Miss Evi into the world -  I was her nurse when she was born! And now they've added another little cutie to the family, Mr Greyer. How cute is he?? I'm convinced that they are in face the cutest. family. EVER!!!  Enjoy

Weaver A-1 Weaver A-18 Weaver A-26 Weaver A-33 Weaver A-37 Weaver-12 Weaver-21 Weaver-32 Weaver-38 Weaver-50 Weaver-91 Weaver-87 Weaver-55 Weaver-54 Weaver-73 Weaver-64 Weaver A-23

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Happy Birthday Morgan Meet Morgan, my adorable little niece who's getting ready to celebrate her 5th birthday!! We decided to have a little girls day at take some Easter/birthday pictures.  If this girl isn't a girly girl, I don't know who is!! I don't know where she gets it from though! One thing is for sure though, she loves the camera...and I think it's safe to say the camera loves her too!!! Happy 5th Birthday Miss Mo, I love you!! Morgan-27 Morgan-39 Morgan-29 Morgan-18 Morgan-22


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